Best Areas to Stay in Busan

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Busan is the second biggest city in South Korea and it is located along the Southern Seaside. Over the last few years, tourism to the city has been on the rise as the city offers a special mix of nature and culture that can not be found in Seoul. The summer season is the most popular for people to visit the city because of its vast and easily accessible beaches but there are still many things to experience in the city when the weather gets colder.

Busan is spread over a large area that is scattered with mountains and small peninsulas which divide the city into 3 main downtown areas: Seomyeon, Haeundae and Nampo. These areas are full of tourist attractions mixed with local Busan culture.

So, let's take a look at our Top 3 recommendations for areas to stay in when you visit Busan!

#1 Junpo (Seomyeon)

The Junpo area is located close to Seomyeon, one of the main shopping areas, but has generally cheaper accommodation than Seomyeon. The many shops, cafés, and vibrant nightlife in Seomyeon are within walking distance. It also has great public transportation such as subways and buses, so it is easy to reach the many attractions around the city if you stay here.

Attractions Near Junpo

  • Citizen Park. A small but beautiful park which comes alive at night time, so we recommend that you go later in the day.

  • Children’s Park. A great park to take a stroll. A zoo is also located in the park if you want to see some animals.

  • Jeonpo Café Street. As the name suggests, this street has an abundance of small independent cafés and shops, perfect for talking a little break after a long day.

  • Samgwangsa. A gorgeous Buddhist temple. We recommend that you go during their lantern festival which is held in the weeks around Buddha’s birthday but the temple is still a great sight without the lanterns.

#2 Gwangalli

Out of the two famous beaches in Busan (Gwanalli and Haeundae), we would recommend travelers to stay in Gwangalli because it is closer to other attractions and therefore it is easier to see as much as possible when staying there. The beach comes alive at night, especially during the summer, where couples and friend groups gather in the sand to have fun while enjoying the beautiful colorful view of the Gwangan Bridge. Gwangalli also has an abundance of restaurants with food from all over the world, hip bars and cafés, and let’s not forget the seafood that Busan is so famous for.

Attractions Near Gwangalli

  • Mount Hwangryeong. Beautiful spot to get a view of the whole city at just a single glance.

  • Haedong Yonggung Temple. One out of 3 unique temples that are located by the seaside.

  • Haeundae. The most famous beach in Korea. Perfect for bathing in Summer or going out at night in all seasons.

#3 Jungang (Nampo)

Jungang is an area located between Nampo and Busan Station making it a central location in the city. This makes it a great area to stay in as it is close to public transportation such as subways or KTX so it is convenient to go all over Busan or neighboring cities when staying here. Jungang also has many great qualities besides its central location. It is close to Nampo which is one of the biggest shopping districts in Busan where you can find anything your heart desires. Also, several traditional markets are located here making it easy to have a taste of the famous Korean street food. So, if you want to participate in some retail therapy or just satisfy your craving for delicious street food, this is an ideal place for you to stay.

Attractions Near Jungang

  • Busan Tower

  • Jagalchi Market. The biggest seafood market in Busan.

  • Bupyeong Traditional Market. Vibrant night market full of delicious traditional street food.

  • Songdo Beach

  • Gamcheon Village. A historical part of Busan where you are surrounded by colorful houses and cute shops and cafés.

We hope you enjoy your trip to Busan!

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