Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Busan

Sometimes, it is hard to find vegan or vegetarian restaurants in Busan, so in this post, we have made a list of some of the best restaurants that cater to vegans or vegetarians. Most vegan places in Korea make western food but there are some hidden gems that have vegan and vegetarian dishes for those who want to experience Korean food. So, let’s dive into it.

Dajeon/ 다전 (traditional tea & vegan food)

Dajeon is a quiet and relaxing restaurant in the Seomyeon area that serves vegan Korean dishes and various special local teas. The restaurant has a traditional tea house atmosphere and you can enjoy a nice cup of tea after your meal. There is a 20% discount if you have tea after a meal. Besides tea, there are also smoothies and lattes that you can have as dessert.

The menu offers dishes such as Sutbul (Charcoal) Bibimbap, Milbulgogi (roasted meat made of flour), Kong steak (soybean steak), seasoned fried bean chicken, steamed dumplings and much more. Mulbulgogi is the most famous dish at this restaurant as it looks exactly like meat but is made with wheat flour. The texture is soft and the seasoning is super delicious. Another special dish at Dajeon is their rice steamed in lotus leaves. Wrapping and steaming the rice in lotus leaves makes it very flavorful and you can really smell the aroma of lotus when you unwrap it. The side dishes served at the restaurant vary depending on the season but normally include, bean sprouts, cucumber salad, dried radish, kimchi pancakes, and tofu pancakes.

They also offer a set menu that includes Yeonnipbap (rice wrapped in lotus leaves), milbulgogi, and traditional tea. It costs 11,000 krw but you have to be a minimum of 2 people to order the set menu.


milbulgui: 8,000won

sutbulbibimbap: 6,000 won

yeonnipbap + milbulgogi+ tea: 11,000 won


Address: 61 Sincheon-daero 62nd Street, Busan, (4F)

Opening Hours:

Everyday 12:00 ~ 21:00

Break time 15:00 ~17:00 (Saturday no break time)

Closed on Sunday

*Menu available in English, Japanese, and Chinese

Vegenarang/ 베지나랑

Veginarang is a vegetarian restaurant that specializes in Korean temple food located near the Minnakhoe Center in Gwangalli. The atmosphere in the store is very neat and clean and it has an amazing view of the Gwangalli bridge from the window seats. In Korean Buddhist temple food there are several restrictions to ingredients. The most known one is that they refrain from using meat and animal produce. Another is called Osinchae which means the five pungent herbs, garlic, green onion, leek, chive, and mustard are not included in temple food as Buddhist monks believe it disturbs the peace of mind and shortens the longevity of life.

The chef of Vegenarang is a former Buddhist monk that cooks all the dishes. The menu varies depending on seasons but will normally include bean cutlets with black rice and avocado rolls. The bean cutlet is crispy on the outside and looks like a regular pork cutlet but is actually made from beans. The texture is softer than usual and has more protein. The avocado rolls are similar to Korean tuna kimbap. The ingredients that look like tuna are also made from beans. Besides these dishes, the restaurant also sells a variety of vegan foods and you can buy vegan yogurt and simple desserts.


Bean Cutlet with Black Rice: 10,500won

Avocado Roll: 11,500 won

Course(one person) : 50,000 won (can only be ordered on reservation)


Address: 9-32 Gwangan Beach Route 370, Suyeong-gu, Busan (Noble Sky 9F)

Everyday 11:30 ~ 21:00

Break time 15:00 ~17:00

*Menu available in English

Ecotopia/에코토피아 (Lacto /Dairy Products Allowed)

Ecotopia is located next to the Indigo Book Center in the Gwangalli area. The restaurant/cafe is famous for its atmosphere. It has a small but cozy yard and the shop is full of books. Many people who enjoy books come by here for a cup of coffee and a snack but the place also functions as a restaurant.

Some famous dishes at Ecotopia are tofu steak and vegetable gratin (with cheese). The tofu steak consists of tofu shaped like a hamburger patty. It is marinated with a special sweet sauce and is served with vegetables and salad for a filling dish. The vegetable gratin is made with paprika and mushrooms topped with cheese and baked in the oven. The gratin is also served with salad and bread. Even though the gratin is served with cheese you can request it to be removed for a vegan option.


Tofu steak : 10,000 won

Vegetable gratin : 12,000 won

Curry : 6,000 won / Eco Curry : 8,000 won


Address: 28 Suyeong-ro 408

Everyday 10:00 ~ 20:00

Closed on Monday

*Menu is in Korean


Home is a vegan restaurant and cafe located in Haeundae. They specialize in sandwiches, burgers, and desserts. The menu changes from month to month but you can keep up to date on the menu on their Instagram. The restaurant also has a vegan version of the Korean Chimaek (chicken and beer) called Kungmaek. The combination includes their Kung Fu Boy dish which is a mushroom Gangjeong dish where the mushrooms mimic the texture of chicken. It is served with brown rice and salad. Home also offers vegan pizzas that have a rich flavor even without meat and cheese. All the drinks served here are also vegan and organic including vegan wine which tastes just like regular wine.

Many people visit Home for its relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that feels like home. Some evenings there is even jazz performance and Home transforms into a pub where you can enjoy vegan food and drinks in a fun setting.


Address: 5, jung dong, 2-ro, 26 beon-gil

Everyday 17:00 ~ 02:00

Closed on Monday, Tuesday


*Provides various information such as performance schedule, menu, and events. (English)

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