Easiest Ways to Get from Incheon Airport to Seoul

Option 1: All Stop Train (AREX)

The All Stop Train runs from Incheon International Terminal 1 and 2 to Seoul Station. There are 10 stops along the way and it stops at major connecting stations like Gimpo International Airport, Hongik University Station, Gongdeok Station, and Seoul Station.

The All Stop Train is the easiest way to connect to the Seoul Subway and get to Hongdae and the areas around the north of the Han river such as Myeongdong. You can conveniently transfer to line 2 on the Hongik University station, lines 5 & 6 on Gongdeok station, and line 1 & 4 on Seoul Station.

Run Time: 59 minutes (Incheon International Airport to Seoul Station)

Price: 4.150 Won. Purchase a one-way ticket at the machines outside the platform or buy a rechargeable transportation card at the convenience store and fill it up in the ticket machine.

First Train: 5.25 Last Train: 11.57

Optional: AREX also has a Non-Stop Train that goes directly to Seoul St. Out of all the transportation options, It is the fastest way to the city (43 min) but costs around 9000 won and runs every 30-40 min.

First Train: 5.23 Last Train: 10.48

How to Find the Platform

In Terminal 1 the platform is located on the basement level outside of the arrival gates. When you exit any gate locate the nearest escalator and go to the basement level, follow the directions to locate the platform.

Option 2: Airport Bus

The red Airport Buses go to virtually all destinations in and around Seoul and it is a super convenient way to get to Gangnam and the areas south of the Han river. It is a great transportation option for travelers who have a lot of luggage or just want to relax during their trip to downtown Seoul.

The bus stops are all located directly outside the arrival gates in terminal 1.

Find all the bus destinations and schedules here

Run Time: Approx. 1 hour

Price: Between 15.000 - 16.000 Won. Tickets can be bought outside terminal 1 by the bus stops. Be aware that the tickets cannot be bought on the bus.

Option 3: Van Pick-up Service

Using a van pick-up service is the most expensive option but also the most comfortable way to get into the city, especially for larger groups or travelers with a lot of luggage. The drivers will also take you directly to your accommodation and destination. The van pick-up services also are available for all hours of the day which is convenient if you arrive late at night or early in the morning when the other transportation options are not operating. There are many different rental companies and prices vary depending on the company.

Run Time: Depends on traffic and time

*Make sure to book the pick-up service online in advance of your arrival.

For more information on all of the transportation options click here

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