Easiest Ways to Get to Downtown Busan from Gimhae Airport

Figuring out the public transportation system right after you land in a new city is always a hassle. What transportation options are there? How much does it cost? And, what is the quickest way to get downtown? In this post, we will answer all these questions and more so your trip in Busan will be as hassle-free as possible.

Gimhae International Airport is the main airport in Busan and the southern part of Korea. It both accommodates international and domestic flights and is located between Busan and Gimhae city. There are several ways to get to downtown Busan (Seomyeon, Haeundae, and Nampo) from Gimhae International Airport. So keep reading, and find the best transportation option for you.

Gimhae Airport Limousine Bus

The Airport Limousine bus goes directly to the downtown areas such as Seomyeon, Busan Station (Nampo), and Haeundae. It is a great transportation method for travelers with a lot of luggage or children. Just hop on the bus, relax and get off at your destination.

The Airport Limousine Bus goes in 2 directions.

Gimhae -> Seomyeon/Busan Station

Gimhae -> Haeundae Station

Bus Stop Location

You can catch the Airport limousine bus both outside of the International Terminal the Domestic Terminal.

International Terminal:

Outside the International Terminal, there are 5 bus stops. 1+2 are for the InterCity Bus which goes outside of Busan to the surrounding cities such as Gyeongju, Geoju, Ulsan, etc. The Airport Limousine bus is located at bus stop number 3 and it has 2 end destinations, Seomyeon and Haeundae. If you land in the International Terminal, go to Gate 3 and the bus stops are located right outside.

Be aware that you have to purchase a ticket first before getting on the bus. The tickets cannot be purchased on the bus. The Ticket Booth is also located when you exit from Gate 3 around 5 meters away.

Ticket Price:

Gimhae to Seomyeon/Busan St - 6000 won

Gimhae to Haeundae - 7000 won

Domestic Terminal:

If you arrive at the Domestic Terminal the Bus stop for the Airport Limousine bus is located outside when you exit Gate 4 and the bus arrives at bus stop number 2. The Ticket Booth is also located in the vicinity of Gate 4 around the bus stops.

Light Rail and Subway

The Light Rail is an automated train that connects Gimhae City and Sasang and a stop at Gimhae Airport is located on the line. This is the most convenient way to reach the Busan subway system from Gimhae Airport as the Busan Subway does not go directly to Gimhae Airport.


You can reach the Light Rail from both the International and Domestic Terminal at Gimhae Airport.

International Terminal:

If you land in the International Terminal then you can find the Light Rail station by exiting through Gate 3 and crossing the street. The Light Rail Station will be located on your right around 100m away from Gate 3.

Domestic Terminal:

To access the Light Rail Station from the Domestic Terminal you should walk out of Gate 1, cross the crosswalk twice and the station will be located on your left around 60m away.

General Information

Gimhae -> Sasang (7 Min)

First Train: 05: 33 / Last Train: 00: 09

Ticket Price:

You can reach transfer to the Busan Subway on Sasang station to line 2 and Daejeo station to line 3.


1. Sasang Station -> Seomyeon (20 Min) / Haeundae (51 Min)

You can use Line2 (Green Line) to go to Haeundae and Seomyun at Sasang Station. You don't have to transfer.

2. Sasang Station -> Busan Station 40 Minutes

From Sasang Station, go to Seomyeon Station (Green Line).

Transfer from Seomyeon Station to Busan Station on Line1 (Orange Line).

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