How to make the mysterious dish Ramdon from the film Parasite

In Korea, Ramdon is more well-known as Chapaguri. The name Ramdon actually first appeared in the English subtitles of Parasite. Ramdon is a well-known comfort food in Korea and is super easy to make. It is hard to know exactly when or where the dish originated but some say that the dish was popular among young guys who enjoyed it during their 2 year long military service, however is not certain to be the exact origins. Ramdon, or Chapaguri, is just a combination of two beloved kinds of Korean noodles and a dish most Koreans seem to just know. When the dish appeared in the 2013 variety show “Dad! Where are you going? (아빠! 어디가?)” it regained some popularity and there was a rise in sales of neoguri and chapagetti, the two key ingredients of the dish.

Recently it regained its popularity after appearing in one of the most tense moments of the film Parasite. The maid/mother Choong Sook is instructed to make the dish before the Park family returns from their failed camping trip. In the film an extra twist was added to the dish as the rich family Park ate it with Hanwoo on top. Hanwoo is an expensive kind of Korean beef which might have signified the Park family’s status and detachment from the lives of the poor. It symbolizes an interesting juxtaposition, the cheap comfort food Chapaguri paired with expensive beef. We are not totally sure of what it might mean but talking about this delicious snack sure makes you hungry to try it. So down below you can learn how to cook the dish for yourself!


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