The Best Places to Experience the Cherry Blossom in Busan

One of the best things about Spring is seeing the flowers bloom and bring new life after a long winter. When Spring comes to Korea, the beautiful Cherry Blossom trees bloom all over the country. In this post, we will give some of our suggestions for the best places to experience the cherry blossom in Busan.

Gangseo Nakdong River 30 Li Cherry Blossom

One of the top places we recommend to see the cherry blossom is the Nakdonggang river which is a defining landmark in the city. Along the Nakdonggang river, there is a 12 km long road that is surrounded by cherry blossom flowers in the springtime. The riverside is also home to one of the biggest rapeseed flower gardens in Korea. these beautiful yellow flowers also bloom in spring and are a sight worth seeing. we suggest going to Samrak Park, located across the river, to see the cherry blossoms. it is an ideal place to experience the amazing blooming cherry blossoms and take some pictures. There is also a festival full of cultural performances such as singing contests, solo recitals, choir performances and booths full of handmade goods.


Address: 1246, Gonghang-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan

It is close to getting to Daejeo Ecological Park at Exit 1 of Gangseo-gu Office Station on Line 3

Beomeosa Temple

Another great place to see the beautiful cherry blossoms is the Beomeosa temple. There are many popular temples to visit in Busan but this one is famous for its scenery. the temple gardens turn into a picturesque place during the fall foliage where many different hues of orange and red leaves fill the trees. In springtime, the cherry blossom trees are full of light pink and white flowers that lightly fall down like snow at every wind blow. the temple itself is beautiful enough as it is, but during the cherry blossom season, the temple grounds transform and becomes almost peaceful. Definitely a special experience, that everyone should have once in their lives. We recommend that you take the number 90 bus and get off at Hamama Village to see "Burimdan-gil." Here there are various kinds of restaurants and cafes. Also, you should prepare cash since you can not pay by credit card in the temple.


Address: 250, Beomeosa-ro, Geumjeong-gu, Busan.

You can get there more easily by bus number 90 at Exit 5 and 7 of Beomeosa  Station on Line 1.

Dalmaji-gil Road (Haeundae)

Haeundae is an area in Busan that is very well-known for its beach, restaurant and bar scene, and nightlife. However, in springtime, it is the pretty cherry blossoms at Dalmaji road that draw the most visitors to the area. You can both drive through the area or walk around the cherry blossom filled streets. We recommend going just before the sun goes down so you can catch cherry blossoms during the golden hour.


Dalmaji-gil Road / Moon-Tan Road - 2.2km 40min


Address: 190, Dalmaji-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea

Oncheoncheon Park

Along the Oncheoncheon park, there is a stream and several street cafes where you can sit and enjoy the cherry blossom while having a cup of tea or coffee. The stream is aligned with around 650 giant cherry trees and yellow rapeseed flowers fill the green areas. It is a great place to go for a family outing, as the park has various rest areas, play facilities, and exercise spaces. The cherry blossoms are especially pretty here at night as they light the trees from below.


Address: 39, Oncheoncheonnam-ro, Yeonje-gu, Busan

Dongnae Station exit number 2, Allak Station Exit 3 on Donghae Line, you can go directly to the park's entrance. (14min)

Samnak Ecological Park

Samnak Ecological Park is one of the biggest parks that is located near the Nakdonggang River and when spring comes the park is filled with cherry blossoms. The riverside boulevard is surrounded by cherry blossom trees on both sides, making it seem like you are walking in a cherry blossom tunnel. You can also find food stalls by the river so you can enjoy a Korean snack while strolling through the park.


Address: 686, Samnak-dong, Sasang-gu, Busan

You can go to the park easily by using the Sasang Station Exit 3(Line 2) and Light rail Rene-Sigae Station pedestrian overpass.


Korea Tourism Agency

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